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Unleash Your Brand's Potential.

Elevating Health Through Experiential Expertise

ABOUT 360i

Revolutionizing Health Through Experience!

360 Integrity is not just a consultancy; we're a force of change dedicated to revolutionizing health from a unique, experiential perspective.


With the innovative spirit of a marketing agency and the support of a vast global network of trusted health providers and medical professionals, we're here to redefine the future of health.

As a specialized agency, our focus lies squarely on health, enabling us to deliver extraordinary experiences, ignite brand activations, orchestrate impactful campaigns, conduct clinical trials, and develop cutting-edge programming within the pharma and health sector.


Our approach revolves around people, putting the human element at the core of our strategies and solutions.


Our mission is clear: to make health accessible on a grand scale, ensuring critical mass access for all.

Amputee Athlete


Trade Show Conference


  • Global Events

  • B2B Hospitality

  • Brand Activations

  • Conferences

  • Salesforce Training / Meetings

  • Virtual Events

  • Sports Partnerships

Doctor and Patient


  • Mass Gathering Thought Leadership

  • National Safety Standardization

  • Convene with Convenience with Health Expertise

  • Medical Consulting 

  • Event Medical Logistics & Operations

  • Event Safety Protocol 

Business Meeting


  • Brand Purpose and Positioning

  • Brand Activations

  • Brand Messaging

  • Brand Trust

  • Telemedicine Marketing

  • Product Launches ​

  • Clinical Trials

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

Roy T. Bennett

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